Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thai Lettuce Wraps

Ready for recipes, via imagination?  Here is where we start:  the photo.
Now, this is not as in-season as I was hoping for… we were invited to our First Friday Dinner in March/April, and I was asked to bring an hors d’ouvres...can you call them that when it's a Chinese New Year theme?.  So in the name of the Rabbit, it included alot of carrots, there’s that tasty carotene.  The shrimp was wonderful.  They came from North Carolina, so just beyond local!  I would have enjoyed tofu, but that is not any more local.  The kale was a great change from the typical lettuce, and of course a lot more nutrition.  The kale was local.
As for recipes, i am not going to bore you with it, rather, just explain the shredded carrots was mixed with pomelo (similar to a grapefruit) with a thai-dressing, that was sweet, salty, vinegery, and deliciously spicy-hot.  Notice, the lime wedge in the kale wrap.  Dare ya’:  Yes, you do eat the whole wedge.  It will make a great sour explosion that made the guests at the party laugh with delight.  There are toasted, chopped peanuts, and toasted sesame seeds.  No other sauce… guess I could have had some thick satay/peanut sauce, but it just would have been glue for ingredients, so not necessary! 

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