Sunday, July 24, 2011

Breakast, Farmstyle

My aim is to make a tostada with some egg protein with some vitamin-rich greens, and of course a nice cup of coffee.  So I took a corn tortilla, and crisped it on a griddle.  That is what you see on the plate. On the cutting board I have washed and dried some beet leaves, from my friends' amazing garden.  They are rolled up here, and will be thinly sliced and sauteed with onion.  Placed the beet greens on the tortilla, with shredded cheddar.  Now, it's time to fry an egg to perfection.  Some good olive oil, a nice hot pan, and some salt and pepper.  The result is this amazing breakfast!

The local ingredients here are:  beet greens are so local: in my neighbors garden, eggs from Two Oceans Two Food, up in Stevenson, MD, and the half and half from South Mountain Creamery, and cheddar from Hawks Hill Creamery. The flavors are simple and delicious.

Breakfast Tostada:  Corn tortilla, sauteed beet greens, cheddar and egg

Technique Lesson:  Chiffonade is the best way to ensure the flavor of your greens.  Roll your leafy greens or herbs, and with a sharp knife make swift narrow cuts.  You will be happy for the taste, without having a big leafy green dangling over your lower lip!!!

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