Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Planning for Mexican

I sat down with my friend Harriet.  We are planning for one of our Great Dinners in a couple weeks.  Spectacular Mexican cookbooks with droolingly delicious recipes is our starting point.  We are busy  tracking down sources for guava concentrate, a range of peppers and popsicle makers.  The organization starts with us, and once recipes are chosen, the work will be divided amongst everyone (4 couple).  Not wanting to give away the entire menu, i will share this:   green shrimp, a slow-cooked brisket, and then there are salsas, and sides, churros and mexican palettas.  It's going to be tasty. We gather on one evening, and make the food together--each group chooses to make one of the recipes, and then off they go!!!  By the end we are so happy for the company, the willingness to experiment, and the joy of tasting what we create.  I am sure i will post photos from that one!!!