Saturday, October 12, 2013

Balmer Breakfast Burrrrrito

Baltimore's Best Breakfast Burrito
There is nothing so sweet as a slow breakfast on a Saturday morning, no matter the season! Often I've set my Saturday morning up with a run to the city dump or a super early bike ride or "dont indulge in a big breakfast when you are going to yoga" (!). This breakfast I guess is reserved for those slow and pleasant mornings.

If I am lucky we've saved leftover potatoes, so that's sautéing in the pan while I pull out the items that NEED to be in that burrito, because its now or never. So fried eggs, two, over easy, is a given. Add greens: baby arugula, baby kale/sautéing greens, spinach, any will do. Then grilled tomatoes? That'd be good, especially with some camelized onion which don't take too much time to prep.  And they are well worth it. And goat cheese. Honey-goat cheese is the most spectacular version, but goat cheese will do. Salsa? Sure. Cilantro, oh ya! Then into a burrito it goes. Can't make too many of these at one time, or the sensation that I am now a short order cook at a cafe will set in!!! Can't feel like work, just delighting the taste buds. This meal requires a place at the table, and a good glass of water, and maybe a latte.  More than anything, remember to taste how good it is.